Jack Elway’s Design Tips

Fashion-Forward. Sports-Centric. Swagger-Positive.

Don’t know where or how to start your style journey? Jack Elway discusses the pursuit of style.

Game on.

Fashion isn’t about labels – it’s about attitude.

Style isn’t about trends – it’s about creativity.

Status isn’t about money – it’s about confidence.

Your Look

If you’re looking for rules – you won’t find them here.

Working with what nature has given us is one-part art, and one-part craft. Developing a sense of style can seem complicated and – let’s face it – expensive, but you don’t need to totally abandon your current lifestyle or hire a team of style professionals. Relax, and don’t overthink it.

The Art

Building the right wardrobe is an art; if you know the right color combinations, accents, and textures, you’re on your way to having fantastic style. It’s extremely easy to settle into a t-shirt and jeans groove, but that doesn’t mean you have to live there.

The most important thing to note about the art of fashion is that it’s all about being you, and you’re a complex individual with many moods, interests, likes, and loves. The right style simply allows you to illustrate your own multifaceted personality without giving everyone you meet your resume.

The Craft

If you want to look and feel fantastic, you have to embrace the craftsmanship involved in your personal aesthetic. The fit of your clothes, the quality of your shoes, and the workmanship of your watch are all essential to developing well-formed and functional style. Any craftsman knows that learning to acquire, use, and maintain the right tools is key to doing excellent work. Once you learn the techniques, everything else will fall into place.

Your Lifestyle

Whether you’re living the dream or dreaming about doing something else, lifestyle and personal style influence each other. If you improve your lifestyle, you are better equipped to improve your personal style. (And vice-versa!)


You don’t have to look like your job, but you should look like you crush whatever job you do. This is especially true if you’re looking to change careers, or even if you want to advance within the career you already have.

Improving your personal style can positively affect your career in countless ways. If you project an air of authority and confidence, your team members and supervisors will have more confidence in you.


Fun is fuel. It pumps up your mood, it ramps up your sex drive, and it will tighten your body if you break a serious sweat. Even if you’re not the biggest fitness enthusiast, you need to flex those muscles and get that blood circulating. You can’t be at your style peak if you feel (and look) sluggish.

Get out there and play like you mean it.

Dance like a beast.

Laugh hard; laugh often.

You have the power to improve your look and your lifestyle by taking a comprehensive approach to your personal appearance.

If you want to live the life you want, you have to look like you live that life.

Check back for more insights, tips, and style trends from Jack Elway.