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Jack Elway looks at the overall importance of design in cultivating a life with style.

How often do you think about design? Do you notice how the layout of a room affects your ability to navigate it efficiently, or do you mainly focus on the entertainment center?

Design isn’t just about pouring money into your house. Design is about having the kind of living space that allows you to operate smoothly, access your things easily, and – most importantly – makes you feel good about being home.

Home Sweet Home

The different elements of your home are going to need different design approaches. Here are a few of the things you should consider when designing the various corners of your home.

The Man Cave

Comfort is critical to the man-cave. Get precise measurements so that you know which furniture sizes will allow you and your fellow cave-dwellers to navigate the space effectively, while still having enough room to kick back, play pool, or play cards. You also want the room as airy as possible; just because it’s a cave doesn’t mean it should smother you with gloom. Also, consider eye-lines. What do you want people to notice first?

Although every room should incorporate elements of your personal style, the man-cave is where you can really let your personality shine through. This is where your you’re supposed to feel the most at home, so adjust your décor so that it complements and highlights the photos, posters, trophies, artifacts, and souvenirs that are most important to you.

The Kitchen

While you want elements of your personal style evident in your kitchen, it’s not anywhere near as important as efficiency and cleanliness. Light and space are essential in a kitchen. Make sure you have enough shelving and storage options so that it remains organized and un-cluttered. If you don’t have enough room for your gadgets, plates, flatware, glasses, etc., you’ll end up overcrowding your counters, making cooking and even eating a chore. Also, it will attract nasty critters.

Get rid of your undergrad plates and plastic cups, and invest in some decent dishes, glasses, and flatware. You’re not picking out China patterns, here; a couple of good dish starter kits will give you enough to serve at least eight.

The Bathroom

Nothing loses you swagger points faster than having an unkept bathroom. Here are the bare-bones basics: Make sure you have enough stackable, space-saving storage options

to keep it organized and clean. Wash your shower curtain once per month (you can just throw it in the washing machine). Always have soap on your sink and a clean hand towel on the rack. Install soft lighting.

The Bedroom

Having a good bedroom design not only makes bedroom activities more pleasant, it can actually help you sleep. It is said that cool colors can affect your body temperature and make you feel drowsier, so avoid red, orange, and yellow hues on the walls, and stick to greens and blues. Some sleep experts suggest that the position of the bed affects the ability to sleep. Keep your bed angled so that you can see the door while you are lying down, but not at a parallel angle.

The Office

If you have a home office, it’s a good idea to keep it separate from your man-cave or bedroom. However, if you have to incorporate your workspace into a room that already has another use, make it a nook that is as isolated from the rest of the room as possible; you want to associate the area with work, and nothing else.

However, it is still important that the décor and design helps you to facilitate productive work; make sure it’s comfortable and light enough to make you feel good about working.

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